Radoil was founded in 2004 in Moscow, Russia, with ten employees.
In 2005 Radoil began to focus on supplying chemicals for refrigeration, gas, and the Russian oil industry, the world’s largest exporter of oil.
Radoil began distributing Propane and MAPP gas which is only produced by BernzOmatic, a Worthington Cylinders Company of Ohio, USA.
DMDS (Dimethyl disulfide) produced by Solvay widely used in the oil industry to prevent coking during the production of clean fuels began to be delivered by Radoil to the world’s largest exporters of oil in Russia including the state energy companies Rosneft, Gazprom, and the private company Lukoil.
Refrigeration chemicals produced by Arkema, a leading French manufacturer of high quality fluorinated chemicals used in refrigeration around the world were added to Radoil’s catalogue.
2007 – Refrigeration equipment to compliment the line of Freon and CFC gases already in our catalogue were added.  Bristol Compressors whose compressors for refrigeration, chillers, heat pumps are used by internationally known companies such as Samsung, York, and Fuji began to be distributed by Radoil.
2010 – Further increasing our product line specializing in equipment for refrigeration, Radoil began carrying compressor refrigeration equipment made by the oldest manufacturer in Europe, Dorin.
2011 – American company Chemtura’s lubricants and oils were added to the line of chemicals for industry that Radoil can offer.  These are the same products used by Bristol, Castrol, and ExxonMobil.
2013 – Radoil has grown to supply some of the largest dealers and deliver products used in industry to several of the largest companies in Russia.
2014 – Radoil obtained exclusive distribution rights to BernzOmatic products in the Russian Federation.  
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